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My husband and I were able to spend a dream holiday at Villa Pelena. The double room in the garden is spacious and has a large newly renovated bathroom. There is also a kitchen and terrace. The food is always prepared fresh and is extremely tasty. Your wishes are fulfilled and the family really gives you a warm welcome. Besides bed and board, Ranga also offers tailor-made tours through Sri Lanka and in the surrounding area. We traveled around with him for 7 days. We also went swimming with turtles together, took a trip down the river next door on the hotel’s own boat and rode on elephants.


Trip: June 2015


We were there with our children, it was magical. You can express your wishes, which are then also fulfilled with Sri Lankan serenity and calm of course; we would do well to engage in some of this ourselves. You’re living in the thick of totally normal everyday life, between playing children, passing trains, ringing bread carts, barking dogs in the neighborhood and yet also surrounded by pure nature in your own garden with monkeys swinging past, swimming monitor lizards and parrots that go there to sleep. We loved sitting on the terrace by the river. The food is fantastic. There isn’t a menu, you’re simply asked what you like and then you get one dish for everyone.

The hosts are brilliant, they take care of everything. You can explain most things really well in English but sometimes even German is possible. Excursions with the host are also possible, simply ask about what is available and how expensive it would be beforehand. . 

Trip: December 2015


You simply feel at home in this place, pure nature, birds, monkeys and palm trees. The accommodation is situated on an unparalleled beautiful piece of land right by the sea. The beach is unique, very few people and the waves are really impressive. The landlord Ranga is a very nice person. He takes care of everything, fulfills all your wishes and has a great sense of humor. Everything is superbly planned, always on time and it’s simply great fun doing things with him. An excursion to the Jala national park with a stay overnight in a tree house, an excursion to the turtles, a boat trip on the river and a visit to a snake farm are all highly recommended. Anyone not looking for mass tourism who does not need a 4-star hotel will feel very at home and well looked after here.


Trip: February 2014